Inherit the spirit of Lei Feng and highlight the responsibility of Jinzhou Jixin

   On March 4, the company organized a total of more than 30 party members and volunteers to participate in the series of volunteer service activities on the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng and building a harmonious community together", sponsored by the Ferroalloy Community and co-organized by Jixin Property, to interpret the responsibilities and responsibilities of Jinzhou Jixin people with practical actions.

    At 9:00 a.m. on the same day, the activity officially began. The volunteers were enthusiastic and devoted to voluntary services. Liu Qingdong and Hu Tiesheng from the General Management Department (security), Wang Yanquan from the staff canteen, and Li Zhiyu from the Jixin Property, carefully grind scissors and kitchen knives for the residents. The service table is full of waiting people. Their heads are covered with sweat. A blunt knife can become extremely sharp in a few minutes. Among them, Liu Qingdong and Wang Yanquan were busy from the beginning to the end. The elders and aunts took the sharpened knives and scissors with satisfaction and gave them thumbs up one after another.

   By virtue of her professional hairdressing skills over the years, Bai Ling of Jixin Property has solved the "head" and other major issues for the residents with hairdressing tools. A hairdresser, an electric pusher, a comb, a piece of cloth... The scissors are flying up and down, the hair is rustling, the hands are up and down, and a clean new hairstyle is cut.

   Han Xu, a smelting and chemical company, took the initiative to bring different types of UAVs, small appliances maintenance, circuit welding and other equipment from his home, so that everyone can experience the driving of UAVs and use the UAV perspective to overlook the whole scene and surrounding scenery, and at the same time, repair mobile phones and electrical appliances for the majority of residents.

   The physical inspection center prepared toilet dirt cleaning solution for residents and pasted warning labels. During the distribution period, the volunteers organized residents to queue up in order to get it, and explained the methods and precautions of using the solution.

   The female staff of Jinzhou Jixin is more ingenious. She carefully wrapped the book cover for the students on the spot. The children said, "I see you are wearing the same clothes. Wrap the book cover for us and cut our hair. You look like Lei Feng!"

   There are also many employees of Jinzhou Jixin who silently answer the doubts of the community residents and solve the problems in their lives at the event site

   Lei Feng spirit is an immortal monument, and the practice of Lei Feng spirit is endless. For Jinzhou Jixin people, learning from Lei Feng is not only a form and an activity, but also a conscious action rooted in their own expectations and internalization. Over the years, we have practiced the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era through practical actions. The form has often changed, but the spirit connotation has not changed. The company will continue to deepen the activities of learning from Lei Feng, carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng from generation to generation, use the spirit of Lei Feng to let everyone purify their hearts, love their jobs and be willing to contribute, integrate the spirit of Lei Feng into the production work, always make the screws needed by the company, and make more contributions to the rapid development of the company.

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