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The company's innovative achievements won the prize in the Ninth "top scholar Cup" employee professional skills competition in Jinzhou City

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   On August 2, the final of the ninth Jinzhou "Champion Cup" employee vocational skills competition and the city's employee innovation achievement transformation competition jointly sponsored by the Jinzhou Federation of trade unions and the Jinzhou human resources and Social Security Bureau was held in the city's staff hall, Mu Tong, deputy manager of chromium metal company, member of the company's labor model innovation studio, won the excellent award for transformation of "five small" innovation achievements for the project "systematic improvement plan for production of metal chromium vacuum smelting".

     For a long time, the company has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation. Relying on Zhao Pengda model worker Innovation Studio and Chen Guojun skill master studio, the company has actively carried out improvement proposals, cost reduction and efficiency increase activities, and encouraged front-line employees to carry out small-scale reform and small-scale reform based on their posts. Detailed activity plans, evaluation standards and reward methods have been formulated to introduce the activities into a normal and long-term manner, creating a good atmosphere in which everyone pays attention to innovation, supports innovation, participates in innovation and can innovate.

   In the future, the company will continue to guide the employees to base themselves on their posts, stimulate their enthusiasm for innovation and creation, improve their innovation level and innovation ability, promote innovation and efficiency, and help the high-quality development of the enterprise.