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The company won the first prize of Taihe District safety production knowledge competition

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   The company won the first prize in the Taihe District work safety knowledge competition. At 9 a.m. on June 21, the Taihe District Federation of trade unions and the Emergency Management Bureau jointly organized a work safety knowledge competition with the theme of "observing the work safety law and being the first responsible person".

   This competition selected 18 players from 6 enterprises in Taihe District to participate. The competition is divided into three links: must answer questions, rush answer questions and risk questions. The company's team is composed of three employees, Chen Shu of metallurgical and chemical company, He Jian of barrel company and Wei Jianbo of chromium metal company. They play stably, respond quickly and have a high accuracy rate. The score has always been far ahead. Especially in the risk question and answer session, the company's team resolutely chose the test questions with the highest score and the most difficult, and pushed the competition to a white hot. After two hours of intense competition, the company's team made great progress through thorns and thorns, Finally, he stood out with a total score of 230 points and won the first prize of Taihe District safety production knowledge competition.

    The winning of this honor not only shows the good psychological quality and excellent knowledge reserve of the participating team members, but also fully reflects the good corporate culture of Jinzhou Jixin and the importance it attaches to safety production. The company will also take this competition as an opportunity to continue to ensure safe production and make every effort to maintain the continuous and stable situation of safe production.