The company held the 2022 work conference and the 2021 commendation Conference

  On May 30, the company's 2022 work conference and 2021 annual commendation meeting were held on the second floor of the staff canteen. More than 120 senior executives, senior consultants, middle managers, commended personnel and some key employees from all units of the company attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by deputy general manager chensong.

   At the meeting, tianyile, the general manager, made a work report entitled "pragmatic progress, forge ahead, forge ahead and forge ahead firmly on the road of high-quality development". The report summarizes and affirms the achievements of the company's work in 2021, comprehensively analyzes the severe situation the company is facing, and defines the goals for 2022 and the direction of future efforts. According to the report, the production and operation guidelines for 2022 are: stabilize the main business, strengthen management, be pragmatic and innovative, improve quality and efficiency.

   At the meeting, 3 excellent middle managers, 24 excellent employees, 1 young scientific and technological talent, 3 excellent teams and 2 provincial and municipal competition project group awards were commended, and 24 people won the provincial and urban individual competition project award. Lvchao, the representative of excellent employees, Kangjun, the representative of excellent middle management, and wubo, the representative of excellent team, spoke at the conference respectively.

   Finally, chairman Tian Gang made a speech entitled "looking forward to the future with history as a mirror". The chairman fully affirmed the positive efforts made by all employees in the past year, led us to review the development process of Jinzhou Jixin in the past half century, objectively analyzed the current situation and problems faced by the company, put forward the development plan from the strategic and overall height, and comprehensively deployed the key tasks to be implemented in 2022.

   The conference ended in a harmonious and progressive atmosphere. All units should carefully study, deeply understand, fully implement the spirit of the report of chairman Tiangang and general manager tianyile, and spare no effort to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise with a high sense of responsibility and full working state.

   New goals, new tasks and new measures are inspiring and high morale. In 2022, Jinzhou Jixin will continue to work hard and tirelessly! Welcome the successful opening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China with outstanding achievements.