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The company's employees won the excellence award of Jinzhou female talent science and technology innovation competition

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On September 9, the final of the first Jinzhou female talent science and technology innovation competition co sponsored by the Municipal Women's Federation, the Organization Department of the municipal Party committee, the Municipal Federation of trade unions, the Municipal Bureau of science and technology, the Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security, the municipal SASAC, the Municipal Financial Development Bureau, the Municipal Federation of industry and Commerce and the Municipal Youth League Committee reopened in Shengwen theater of Maoye building. Zhao Li, a professional engineer of metallurgical and chemical company, took part in the competition of group competition on behalf of the company with the chemical raw material substitution project. Through roadshows, defense and other links, she passed the test all the way, won the excellence award of the competition, and was qualified to participate in the women's scientific and technological innovation competition in Liaoning Province.
The competition is divided into preliminary and final, with two groups: group group and individual group. In the preliminary stage, the evaluation experts evaluated the current situation of the project, team structure, innovation advantages, development prospects and other aspects, and comprehensively scored 58 participating projects. Finally, the company's projects broke through the encirclement, stood out and successfully advanced to the finals, reflecting the company's deep foundation in women's scientific research.
The clarion call for scientific and technological innovation has sounded. The female talent scientific and technological innovation competition provides a stage for the city's female scientific and technological workers. Through the competition, the majority of female scientific and technological workers in the city are encouraged to carry forward and practice the spirit of scientists, unite and condense female scientific and technological talents to the greatest extent, and stimulate the innovative vitality of female scientific and technological talents. In the future work, the company will more actively support the scientific and technological innovation of female talents and play a greater role in promoting the high quality of Jinzhou Jixin.