Jixin high temperature won the third prize in the 8th "Champion Cup" staff vocational skills competition of Jinzhou City

The R & D team led by Zhao Pengda, senior engineer of Jixin high temperature Co., Ltd., won the third prize in the 8th "Champion Cup" workers' professional skills competition and the city workers' innovation competition jointly held by Jinzhou Federation of trade unions and Jinzhou human resources and Social Security Bureau.
On May 19, after receiving the competition notice issued by Jinzhou Federation of trade unions, the trade union of the company actively promoted this work, contacted Jixin high temperature R & D team for the first time, and carefully prepared the project application work. After more than a month's preliminary evaluation, on June 25, Jixin high temperature project stood out from the 167 innovative achievements received in this competition and successfully entered the final. On July 2, 18 events in three groups of the final were in the final summit. Dr. Zhao Pengda's wonderful project roadshow and on-site defense of Jixin high temperature R & D team won the praise of on-site evaluation experts and left a deep impression on the participants. Finally, he won the third prize and was given the priority of recommendation to participate in Liaoning staff skills competition and provincial staff innovation achievement transformation competition.
All along, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation, actively organizes employees to participate in national, provincial and municipal skills innovation competitions, takes promoting craftsman spirit and innovation spirit as the purpose, takes specialization and branding as the goal, encourages front-line employees to create and innovate, and promotes the improvement of enterprise's independent innovation ability. It has stimulated the enthusiasm of the technical staff in the production line for post innovation, and a batch of scientific and technological innovation achievements have been applied in production, creating good economic and social benefits. In 2021, at the beginning of the 14th five year plan, the company will take this innovation competition as an opportunity to continue to strengthen the construction of staff and talent team, further improve production efficiency, save resources, and drive innovation to boost the high-quality development of the enterprise.