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Strengthen fire fighting work and serve the development of the company

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    In response to the call of the national emergency management department, combined with the company's safety production month activities, to improve the employees' self-help and self-care ability, and to learn and master the skills and skills of self rescue and escape, the company, together with Taihe District Emergency Management Bureau, Taihe District fire brigade and tanghezi Industrial Park Management Committee, jointly organized and carried out the emergency drill activities at 9:30 a.m. on June 23.
    The drill is divided into two parts. The first part is the fire accident drill caused by the splashing of smelting materials in chromium metal company. On the premise of ensuring safety, in order to make the drill more impressive, the company decided to take the wrong and correct fire fighting methods to put out the fire, intuitively feel the different fire fighting effects, so as to alert the employees to strengthen the learning of emergency rescue knowledge in their daily life. When the fire broke out, the actors and employees were arranged to use clothes, brooms and other tools to put out the fire, which led to more severe fire. Then, the correct fire rescue steps were officially staged. The drill staff first put out the fire with the standing fire extinguisher, reported to the leader, contacted 119 rescue, and put out the fire timely and smoothly. The whole process was orderly, real and vivid.
    The second part is the escape and rescue drill of smoke caused by improper use of chemical reagents in the laboratory of the physical inspection center. When the drill alarm sounded, the staff covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, bent forward, quickly and orderly ran out of the office building according to the established route. The whole evacuation process took only a few minutes, and successfully completed the escape and rescue drill.
    Through the emergency fire drill, a real combat simulation training is provided for the staff, which further enhances the staff's awareness of prevention and emergency escape self-help ability, and provides valuable experience for the real accident emergency action. It has laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency rescue work in the future.