All staff participate in continuous improvement and excellent operation

    With the continuous expansion of the company's scale and increasingly diversified product structure, the company's future development and market players put forward higher requirements for quality. Therefore, the company decided to achieve sustainable, high quality, healthy and stable development through the implementation of total quality management.
    On March 15, the company held a mobilization meeting for the construction of total quality management system in the first conference room. At the meeting, the organizational structure of total quality management system construction was announced, and the overall practice and exploration direction was clarified. Subsequently, after nearly two months of overall arrangement, on May 14, the total quality management system construction office issued the "implementation plan for the construction of total quality management system (Trial)", which made it clear that this work started from the pilot units, and gradually carried out in all units of the company from point to area.
    The construction of total quality management system adopts PDCA cycle workflow, takes production as the main line, and carries out the construction of total quality management system around the pilot units in accordance with the direction of import, inspection and export. The pilot units are chromium metal company, physical inspection center and trade company. At this stage, the first step is to carry out "self identification" and clarify the existing work process, operation standards, operation methods, rules and regulations to be followed. The purpose is to give play to the subjective initiative of all units, unify the quality management consciousness, and provide guidance for the continuous improvement of quality management in the next step. According to the contents determined in the implementation plan, each pilot unit enters into the implementation stage purposefully and in a planned way. Other units refer to the identification requirements of pilot units to carry out self identification, and set up topics to organize analysis.
    The Construction Office of total quality management system will abide by the working principle of "implementation with results and implementation with feedback", fully promote the steady progress of quality management, and make the quality management system run smoothly and effectively. On the basis of gradually organizing the pilot units to carry out the system construction work, we should focus on the formation of standardization, truly realize the point to area and improve the system, so as to form a virtuous circle in each link and achieve the expectation, so as to gradually establish and improve the total quality management system consistent with the actual situation of the company.
    It is a general trend to firmly establish a comprehensive, all staff and whole process quality system view, and strive to improve the quality management level and promote the transformation of the company's development level. The total quality management system construction office will do its best to make the real transformation from quality supervision to quality construction, and gradually form the perfect unity of quality and cost, as well as the high quality and high efficiency of products and services, So that the overall quality level of the company to a new level.