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State Grid Taihe Power Supply Company's on-site office solves the company's problems

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On November 29, 2019, the leaders of the State Grid Jinzhou Taihe District Power Supply Branch Office worked on-site to solve the power transmission problem for our company. The company's general manager Tian Gang and assistant general manager Xu Yongchang came to the scene and worked with the leaders of Taihe Power Supply Company to find out the cause of the problem and formulate a solution. It took only half an hour to successfully transfer power to the high-temperature electric furnace line.

At 13:00 on November 20th, a short-to-phase fault occurred in the high-temperature 10kv high-voltage line of Jixin, which caused a power outage in the laboratory of Jixin high-temperature and physical inspection center laboratories. When Taihe Power Supply Branch received the information of our company's fault report and repair, the maintenance personnel arrived at the scene for line inspection and power supply equipment inspection as soon as possible. After inspection, the accident was caused by the low pressure of the sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker and the occurrence of phase-to-phase short-circuit breakdown, which required replacement of spare parts for repair. In order to ensure the safe use of electricity during maintenance, Taihe Power Supply Branch immediately contacted all available cable distribution boxes in the jurisdiction and provided our company with a 630A cable distribution box for temporary power supply. At 7:30 am on November 22, the maintenance staff of Taihe Power Supply Branch arrived at the site and began construction. This cable distribution box was installed on the edge of an open field near Baimiaozi Village, Nuohe Township, Taihe District. The temperature in the morning was close to minus 10 degrees, and the north wind whistled. The maintenance personnel of the power supply company were not afraid of the cold, and the branch box and the high-voltage cable head were installed continuously until 14:00. At 14:30, the temporary power transmission was successful. Except for the electric furnace workshop, the power supply of the other power units was normal.

At 16:00 on November 29th, in order to ensure the production of electricity in the high-temperature electric furnace workshop of Jixin, without affecting normal production, the director of Taihe Power Supply Branch Li Yan, deputy director Gao Peng and Yuan Hongbin came to the on-site office near Baimiaozi Village to work with us The leaders inspected the situation together, analyzed the cause of the failure, determined the power transmission plan, and instructed the maintenance personnel on the scene to perform the operation. The power transmission to the electric furnace line was successful at 16:30.