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Company and Heishan Village in Yixian County to carry out poverty alleviation activities

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In accordance with the spirit of the notification of the Leading Group for Overcoming Poverty, on May 28, the CPPCC organized members of the poverty alleviation group, including our company, to go to Heishan Village, Toudaohe Town, Yixian County for poverty alleviation docking and on-site assistance activities. Our company helps 20,000 yuan in poverty alleviation funds for the construction of Heishan village clinics and cultural service centers. On June 6, in accordance with the "one-to-one" fixed-point assistance work requirements determined by the leading group of the city's poverty alleviation and fortification, before the Dragon Boat Festival, the company sent rice noodle oil to Xu Entao, a poor household in Heishan village, and all of them were sent to poor households under the leadership of Zhu Qiang, the village secretary.