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Taihe Metallurgical Industry Association Experts to Jixin High Temperature Research

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On the morning of May 6, 2019, Su Shiyi, Vice President of Jinzhou Taihe District Metallurgical Industry Association, expert Zhou Bingli, Zhang Jingfan, Dr. Fu Ying of Bohai University and other five people came to Jixin High Temperature Research Center. The assistant general manager, Gao Hongjun, General Engineer Zhu Yuqian and other relevant personnel of Jixin High Temperature Industry Association joined the experts of Jixin High Temperature Research Center. Talk about. High manager introduced the basic situation of high temperature in Jixin, Zhu Gong introduced the development history of high temperature in Jixin, and then a group of people visited the production site of high temperature in Jixin.

During the discussion, experts highly evaluated Jixin's high temperature production site. The two sides discussed the characteristics of raw materials, technological innovation in other directions, widening of new kilns, upgrading of equipment, assistant construction of decomposition kilns using AR technology, and application of 3D printing technology, and explained that the future development direction was meritorious. Energy materials, artificial intelligence, targeted solutions to a problem, to achieve the best cost performance or performance.