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The company organizes female employees to carry out flower arrangement activities

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   In order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of female employees, celebrate the "March 8th Women's Day", and improve the aesthetic ability and cultural quality of female employees, on March 6, the company organized female employees to carry out the flower arrangement activity of "flower arrangement and fun collection, fingertips blooming" in the third conference room. This activity invited flower art teachers to give lectures on the spot, and more than 50 female employee representatives from all units of the company participated in the activity.

   Under the instruction of the teacher, the female employees are busy with the material selection, leaf cutting and conception of the flowers in combination with the characteristics and aesthetic taste of the flowers in their hands. After more than one hour of hands-on practice, a piece of creative flower arrangement works are displayed in front of everyone, which is pleasing to the eyes. Appreciating the works made by yourself with both hands, everyone's faces were filled with happy smiles. The female employee looked at the beautiful flower basket and said happily, "It's good for the company to organize such activities! Looking at the beautiful flowers and smelling the fragrance of the flowers, the mood is getting better and better. In the future, I will also put a bunch of flowers at home from time to time."

   After the completion of the flower arrangement work, everyone took a group photo with flowers in hand to record this beautiful moment. The company also prepared a rose for each female employee who could not come to the site to participate in the activity.

   This themed flower arrangement activity not only enabled female employees to enhance communication and cultivate sentiment, but also enabled them to harvest the elegant skill of flower arrangement, and also enhanced their spirit of advocating beauty, love life and unity and cooperation, showing the spirit of female employees' love of culture and art. Everyone expressed their gratitude to the company's leaders for their care and warmth, so that all female employees spent a happy "Women's Day" in advance in the process of feeling, appreciating and creating beauty.