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The company held the 2022 annual publicity and reporting work meeting

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   In order to further improve the publicity and reporting work, improve the management mechanism of the publicity work, create a good image of the enterprise, and provide strong spiritual impetus and public opinion support for the transformation and development of the company, the 2022 publicity and reporting work summary and recognition meeting was successfully held in the company's conference room on the afternoon of February 23. Chen Song, Deputy General Manager of the Company, Liu Qing, Head of the General Management Department, leaders in charge of publicity work of all units, representatives of correspondents and winners, a total of 35 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Liping, Deputy Minister of General Management Department.

   The meeting first read out the Summary of the Work of Publicity and Reporting in 2022 and the Work Arrangement in 2023, stressed the importance of the work of publicity and reporting, and further clarified the work ideas and direction for the new year.

   Subsequently, the conference unveiled the list of winners and winners, and awarded prizes to 2 excellent units, 6 excellent correspondents, 1 winner of municipal publication award and 8 winners of excellent articles. Jin Yinan, the deputy manager of the production department, Zhao Jianjun, the assistant manager of the barrel industry and slag company, as the representative of the excellent unit, and Li Ying, the material inspection center, as the representative of the excellent communicator, respectively delivered the award speeches.

  At the end of the meeting, Chen Song, the deputy general manager, put forward specific requirements for the company's publicity work. First, strengthen the public opinion guidance role of the publicity report, actively discover the company's highlights, tap the good people around, lead all employees to learn from the example, and promote the continuous emergence of "the most beautiful and trustworthy people"; Second, all units should attach importance to publicity work and establish a sense of honor. At the same time, strengthen the review role of the propaganda leaders in charge, and give full play to the leading role of setting an example and taking the lead; Third, it is emphasized that excellent correspondents should do well in "three diligence", frequently use their pen, brain and legs, and make full use of the company's library resources, read more and read good books, so as to "write like a god".

   In 2023, the company will continue to adhere to the innovative, pragmatic, harmonious and efficient team spirit with the theme of "writing Jixin stories, displaying the image of Jixin, and cultivating the culture of Jixin", and create a new situation of publicity and reporting for the company's transformation and development.