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Chrome Metal Company

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Chrome Metal Company,is a manufacturer with chrome metal production of integrated calcination and smelting,and ahead in facilities and friendly environment at home with 5000mt annual production capacity.We can deliver a full range of materials in accordance with national standard GB/T 3211-2008,as a dominant product of Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co.,Ltd ,especially,peculiar stuffs with lower impurities such assulphur,nitrogen,aluminium,iron,oxygen and the like,which are used for superalloys,electrohead alloys and precise alloys widely applying in industries including aerospace,military,electronics and IT and so on.The company was certified the quality system authentication andweapon equipment quality management system.Moreover,the vacuum decarbonization process Making 95Chrome Metal by using of refractory chromium carbide,took three years to complete by indepdent JJPC’R&D,which realized comprehensive utilization of the slag from chrome metal smelting,and promoted development of recycling economy.