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Liaoning Xintai Agricultural Sci-tech Development Co.,Ltd

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Liaoning Xintai Agricultural Sic-tech Development Co.,Ltd locates at Gaotaizi town,Yixian county,Jinzhou,occupying an area of 55 hectares.Transportation is convenient with excellent geographical location with 18km and 20km away from highway exits of Yixian county and Qinghemen Fuxin respectively. The company is mainly engaging in planting, breeding and green seedling with the pattern of a combined major planting and minor cultivating,self-supportive and recyclable and then taking green seedling as a point in long term steady growth.There are plantations with fruits like oil peony, Chinese,hawthorn;then cultivars with domestic chicken,hogs fed grains and gooses;and green seedling including beijing peach,chinese scholar,gingko,chinese parasol,sugar maple ,crabapple,gold leaf elm ,mono,bamboo willow, buddha belly and purple leaf plum etc.

Furthermore,with total investment of rub 180 million,the company with Ixia Solar Power CGN projected a 20MW agricultural optical complementary program which was listed as First Pilot Project in Liaoning province including 241 Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses and a sightseeing greenhouse.


Liaoning Xintai Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Liaoning Xintai Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.