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Steel Drum Packaging Company

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Steel Drum Packaging Company has 3 production lines with small drum,100L steel drum and 200L steel drum. The annual comprehensive production capacity is up to one million pieces.The main products, fully conforming to GB/T325.1-2018 Packing Container Standard ,a range of drums with 5 open top series more than 20 brands includingφ300、φ310、φ335、φ420 and φ560,are applied as packagings of alloys and metals such as FeMo,chrome metal,spone Zr,spongeTi,FeB,FeV,FW and nonferrous metals etc.The company is well-equipped the most advanced uncoiled and leveled dislocation stamping line, conveyor chains and screen printing machine in western Liaoning region.

At present the company is marching forward to developing a range of tight head drums with paint baking, galvanized, plating and inner spray coating,making great efforts to build an automatic packaging barrel manufacturer with the strongest one in western Liaoning region and a well-known at home.

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