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Time flies. Jinzhou Ferroalloy Industrial and Commercial Co., Ltd. was established in 1978, and was restructured into Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2010. The decades of development process, full of our hard struggle, has infiltrated our tenacious efforts, and therefore has forged our good reputation and created our outstanding quality. With this platform, I sincerely thank the friends from all walks of life and the vast number of new and old customers who have given us strong support and care for a long time, and I hope to get more attention and recognition from you in the future. Thinking about the past and the present, we are filled with emotion; Looking ahead, we have a long way to go. In the face of an increasingly open market environment, hope and difficulties coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist. On the road of future development, we will continue to adhere to management as the support, technology as the driving force, constantly improve product quality, constantly optimize the service concept of "customer-centric", vigorously promote the enterprise spirit of "forge ahead, never say die", rely on the company's excellent management team and the team of positive, loyal and dedicated employees, rely on the profound corporate culture and the operating mechanism with advanced management concepts, With all kinds of high-tech equipment constantly added and put into use, with the growing and perfect company scale, with the love and trust of new and old customers, we can carry hope, overcome difficulties, seize opportunities and dare to challenge. Please believe that Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. will be better tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                                     General Manager: Tian Yile