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     Jinzhou Jixin Industrial Co., Ltd. is a diversified private enterprise focusing on the production of refractory products and metallurgical products, integrating packaging containers, mechanical processing, building materials, modern agriculture and tourism. Located in tanghezi Economic Development Zone, Liaoning Province, the company covers an area of more than 700000 square meters and has a total asset of 700million yuan. It has been awarded the May Day Labor award, star enterprise, excellent enterprise and meritorious enterprise by Jinzhou Municipal Party committee and government for many consecutive years. The company has more than 20 national invention patents, such as "a method of producing high-purity ammonium vanadate by low-temperature precipitation", "using smelting slag to produce fused corundum, fused chrome corundum and chrome corundum brick for Austrian furnace".

   Over the years, the company has been adhering to the concept of green development, adhering to the development of circular economy, and focusing on the comprehensive development and utilization of industrial solid waste. Jinzhou Jixin high temperature materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, was recognized as a high-tech enterprise, won the excellent enterprise award of the 7th and 9th China Innovation and entrepreneurship competition, won provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards for many consecutive years, and was rated as "Gazelle enterprise", "specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprise" and "Provincial Intellectual property advantage enterprise".

   The company is committed to building an industry-leading vanadium product production line, with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons of vanadium pentoxide. It is one of the main production bases of vanadium products in western Liaoning.

   The company has a metal chromium production line integrating the forging system and smelting system, with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons. The process technology, equipment level and environmental protection level have reached the domestic leading position. The products have passed the quality management system certification and weapon equipment quality management system certification.

  The company has a smelting blast furnace rich in manganese slag, with an annual output of tens of thousands of tons of slag iron; It has the most advanced packaging barrel production line in western Liaoning, with an annual comprehensive production capacity of 1million.

   Jinzhou Xinyi building materials Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary, mainly produces hollow block bricks and standard bricks with waste ash as raw materials, and its products have been awarded the title of "Jinzhou famous brand products".

   In the future journey, the company will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "honest cooperation, mutual benefit, win-win and common progress", strive to drive the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries with scientific and technological innovation, and realize a modern enterprise pattern supported by the deep integration of industrial capital and financial capital.